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Solar Operation & Maintenance:

  • Paawan’s O&M portfolio was started off at 5MWp in 2015, has reached up to 40MWp currently, with another 10MWp in the pipeline. The current portfolio is spread over 56 sites across top 8 solar states in India. With a dedicated team of 45+ members, we aspire to maximize solar PV system performance, ensure grid safety, and provide viable solutions to achieve the expected economic return of solar energy generation through technical audits as per the IEC 62446-1:2016 (PV systems-Requirement for testing, documentation and Maintenance-part 1: Grid-connected systems, Documentation, commissioning tests and Inspection).

  • Our team follow standard HSE policy and having training sessions. In-house domain expertise results in continuous performance monitoring and advanced analytics to ensure plant performance maximisation, equipment under-performance detection, trend analysis and forecasting and predictive analytics for reduced plant down-time.

  • Paawan energy has 10+ years experience as Solar O & M Company, We have installed high number of solar power projects. If you want high generation capacity, then you have to contact the right solar O and M company, but with paawan energy company you have not to worry about it, We always aim to maintain high production efficiency by quickly resolving system down time. We are the famous distributor of SWSM Solar Company. Our O and M service includes testing, cleaning, replacing and repairing the parts. We provide annual maintenance for offering the reliable service to our customer; we are the direct supplier of Solar NCC Company.




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Inhouse Manpower


Data and performance Analysis-solar plants:

  • To provide advance performance analysis through various parameters.

  • To provide important reports i.e., MIS, Optimal VS Actual generation data.

  • Outage loss management, parametric performance, variance analysis.

Cleaning-Modules :

  • Module cleaning (wet cleaning) and Dry cleaning (if required).

  • Provide real time stamped pics of cleaning work.

  • Submission of Report (Format Attached).

Preventive Maintenance (Activities Sheet Attached) :

  • Preventive inspection and maintenance of system components as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Visual inspection and testing of all major components

Corrective Maintenance

  • On site monitoring.

  • To diagnose the faults and incidents.

  • Repair and replacement of spare parts/components.

Our Best Practices to achieve an effective O&M

  • Performance Monitoring of solar plants: Apart from online monitoring provided by client end, we maintain our performance monitoring that provide more clarity of performance, breakdown, PR etc. Through this, we can analysis and compare various parameters

  • Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) Policy: We understand the significance of quality, Health, safety and Environment in O&M work. Therefore, we have developed our own QHSE Policy to meet the objectives

  • Module cleaning as per soiling accumulation: Module cleaning is one of the important part of O&M. We decide the frequency of module cleaning activity on the basis of soiling deposition analysis. It enhances the performance of the plant

  • Regular Preventative maintenance: We implement Preventative maintenance (PM) activities to inspect to prevent the breakdowns and unplanned production losses.

  • To minimize the outage Loss: Whether it’s a breakdown or shutdown, both the events are highly undesirable and lead to energy (KWH) loss. It is important to address the causes of these outages and to figure out the energy generation loss occurred due to the outages.

  • Ensure the sustainability of solar plants:To ensure the sustainability of the solar plants, we keep focus to optimize the performance and minimize the degradation.

Details of Some sites

3.99MW Solar Power Plant
(Roof top Grid tied)

Capacity: 3.99MW Solar Power Plant (Roof top Grid tied)
Client: SunShot Technologies Pvt Ltd
PR: 78.4%
Scope: O&M Work
Location : Tata Motors Limited, Chinhat industrial area, Dewa Road, Lucknow, U.P.

4.45MW Solar Power Plant
(Roof top Grid tied)

Capacity: 4.45MW Solar Power Plant (Roof top Grid tied)
Client: Berkeley Energy Commercial Industrial Solutions Pvt Ltd, Pune
PR: 77.8%
Scope: O&M Work
Location : MIAL Cargo, Mumbai Airport.

1.1MW Solar Power Plant
(Ground mounted Grid tied)

Capacity: 1.1MW Solar Power Plant (Ground mounted Grid tied)
Client: PNC Infratech Ltd, Agra
PR: 78.5%
Scope: O&M Work
Location : Agra-Lucknow Expressway (From Ch 1.85 to 54) UPEIDA Project.

1.5MW Solar Power Plant
(Roof top Grid tied)

Capacity: 1.5MW Solar Power Plant (Roof top Grid tied)
PR: 80.2%
Scope: Complete O&M Work
Location : Whirlpool Ltd, Faridabad

2.26MW Solar Power Plant
(Roof top Grid tied)

Capacity: 2.26MW Solar Power Plant (Roof top Grid tied)
Client: BE Onsite
PR: 81.4%
Scope: O&M Work
Location : Garg Acrylics, Ludhiana.